Muslims Today

By pondering upon the situation today, we realize the fact that the Muslim community is getting worse with each passing day.  Islamic teachings .Many are involved in indecent activities .Very few ,today are leading their lives on the right path and  remain  stick to their values .If the situation continues ,that day is not far when the whole community would be standing at the brink of destruction.

It is not anyone else but the Muslims who gamble, speak ill of others, lie frequently, commit theft, involved in murdering ,slandering, breaking promises ,using foul language and what not. Today you see Muslims speaking indecent things about the others without any shame. Not a slightest realization of sin. No remorse. They seem not to consider gambling and adultery sin anymore. For many of them back biting is the only topic of discussion .If any two people are sitting together they talk about the third.

Apart from these sins, they seem to for watching indecent stuff on the TV and internet is their only hobby. The youth today is engaged in the activities that can’t be mentioned even. Facebook, twitter, instagram is the only thing they do and when they are tired of this then they watch movies and listen to the songs. The worst of all is that they are so much obsessed with this all that they forget their prayers .Offering jummah prayers seems difficult to them.

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Days are gone when children use to respect their elders. Today , they are not hesitant to use foul language in front of their elders. There seems no respect and honor for elders on their hearts. Using abusive language and speaking loudly has become their habit.

The Greatest and Holiest Prophet has said:


When a person commits a sin, a black spot is appears on his heart. If he commits another sin, then another black spot is appears on his heart (and this continues) until his (entire) heart becomes black. Then advice has no effect on his heart.                              (Sunan-ut-Tirmizi, vol. 5, pp. 220, Hadis 3345)


Remember that every one of us is accountable for his deeds .On the day of judgment the slightest sins will be brought forth. No one will be able to defend us or safe us from the punishment. So, before it gets too late we should repent for our sins. Allah is the most merciful and forgiving .He will surely forgive us If we ask Him with true heart.

Quran says:

And those who, if they commit an immoral act or wrong themselves, remember Allah and seek forgiveness of their sins -and who forgives sins except Allah.

(Part 4, Surah Aal-e-‘Imran, verse 135)

May Allah shower His special blessings upon us and may we be guided to the right path.



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