Animal rights

Allah is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and the Most Compassionate. And His Beloved Messenger is the Most Merciful to the world. Therefore, Islam, which is a religion sent by Almighty Allah and brought by the Prophet, also has certain animal rights, which must be fulfilled by every Muslim. Here are animal rights,

  1. It is not allowed to kill the animals whose meat is haram unless they cause any harm.
  2. Even the animals whose meat is halal should not be killed unnecessarily just for fun and not for food. As some hunters do, that is, they kill animals as a mere sport and waste them. This is not permissible in Sharia.
  3. It is obligatory to provide fodder and water to the domestic animals. And it is sinful and unlawful to use them beyond their power or to keep them hungry and thirsty and to hit them unnecessarily, especially on their faces.
  4. Removing baby birds from nests or locking birds in cages and unnecessarily hurting these birds is a great cruelty and oppression. Which is not permissible for any Muslim.
  5. Some people tie and hang an animal and practice shooting at it with a slingshot or a gun. This is also a great cruelty and oppression which is haram for every Muslim.
  6. If an animal is to be slaughtered or killed for being a predator, it is obligatory for a Muslim to slaughter or kill it very quickly with a sharp weapon. Killing an animal by torturing it or keeping it hungry or thirsty is also a great cruelty which is not permissible in Islam at all.

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