Belief in Allah

If Allah can transforms the night into the day then He surely can transforms the darkness of our lives into brightness. All we have to do is to keep faith and trust in Almighty Allah.
Ah! but we impatient mortal souls do not wait for the right time to come and gets in to internal conflicts
Sometimes divine wisdom is hidden in the matters that apparently looks bad .
Indeed Allah knows the best of all, so if we love Him unconditionally and unfathomably then we should bear the dark days with patience. We should always accept everything with a big heart.Ultimately our this ray of hope will lit our dark world.In such dark period of our life we should read Quran. Because this Holy book will enlighten and brighten our wounded soul and give a peace of mind and gives us a firm belief in omnipotence of Almighty.
So despite falling prey to depression and despair we Muslims should reconsolidate towards Almighty and towards His revealed gift ” Quran ” .

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