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Why can't we see God

Why can’t we see God

Everything is described in Islam and the Qur’an is also testifying to this but there is also something that has been kept secret from the common people, such as the time of resurrection. In the same way, the vision of … Read More


Faith in Allah Almighty

Faith in Allah Almighty Faith in Allah makes a Muslim strong in mind and heart. A true Muslim with unshakable faith in Almighty Allah leads a very peaceful and contented life. He fears no one but Allah. He knows that … Read More

Allah Almighty

Belief in Allah

If Allah can transforms the night into the day then He surely can transforms the darkness of our lives into brightness. All we have to do is to keep faith and trust in Almighty Allah. Ah! but we impatient mortal … Read More


DUA: A Communication between you and you lord

In this world if you have to communicate with someone you need to learn the language of that person. An English speaker cannot understand Italian and a Spanish cannot understand Bengal – How limited a human is in his understanding! … Read More

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What should we believe about Allah?

What should we believe about Allah? Faith in Almighty Allah عزوجل To be a Muslim one has to express his or her firm faith in Towheed (the Oneness of Allah), Most High, and the Prophet-hood of Prophet Muhammad  صلی الله علیہ وسلم . Faith … Read More

Six Kalimat (Articles of Faith)

Six Kalimat (Articles of Faith)

First Kalimah: Sanctity There is none worthy of worship except Allah عز وجل, Muhammad صلى الله علیہ وسلم is the Prophet of Allah عز وجل. Second Kalimah: Evidence I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah عز وجل, He … Read More