Who was the last Prophet

Who was the last Prophet?

The last prophet in Islam is Muhammad ﷺ, who is the final prophet sent by Allah to guide humanity. Muhammad ﷺ received revelations from God over a period of 23 years, which are recorded in the holy book of Islam, …

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Founder of Islam

Who is the founder of Islam?

Islam is a monotheistic religion that originated in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century. The founder of Islam is the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , who is the last prophet sent by Allah. The Founder of Islam Muhammad ﷺ was …

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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ People have ideals and role models to follow; but they all do not provide complete guidance in all aspects of life. The thirst for perfection and complete guidance forced people to follow different personalities. This imperfection divided …

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Holy Quran | Faith in the holy books of Almighty Allah عزوجل

Faith in the books of Almighty Allah عزوجل

Holy Quran and all the heavenly books are true and whatever Almighty Allah عزوجل has said through them, is to be believed in. However, due to distortion, their originality has been brought into question. The preservation of these Holy Scriptures was …

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Prophethood | Prophets of islam | List of Prophets علیھم السلام

Faith in Prophethood

For Muslims, it is essential to know about the Prophets علیھم السلام. Their virtuous qualities as it is essential to know about the supreme Being the Attributes of Allah عزوجل, Most Exalted. It is also essential to have a sound knowledge about …

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