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Never lose hope!

Never lose hope!

Does not matter how hard the time is, does not matter how much miserable the life has become for you, you should keep the hope alive in the mercy of Allah. The Holy Quran says; “And we will surely test … Read More

Holy Quran | Faith in the holy books of Almighty Allah عزوجل

Holy Quran: A gift from Allah

If we count all the gifts and blessings of Allah Almighty upon the mankind, the greatest gift is the Holy Quran. Which is the comprehensive and a complete book. It is the only divine book in the world which claims … Read More

Six Kalimat (Articles of Faith)

Six Kalimat (Articles of Faith)

First Kalimah: Sanctity There is none worthy of worship except Allah عز وجل, Muhammad صلى الله علیہ وسلم is the Prophet of Allah عز وجل. Second Kalimah: Evidence I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah عز وجل, He … Read More


Muhammad ﷺ The Messenger of Allah

Muhammad ﷺ The Messenger of Allah It all began in the year 610 C.E., with a few brave individuals differing in tribe, status and gender, secretly winding through the alleys of Makkah to meet the man known as ‘Al-Ameen’ (i.e. … Read More

Who is Jesus - What is the concept of Jesus in Islam

What does the Quran say about Jesus?

Jesus علیھم السلام was among the prominent messengers who were mentioned in detail in the Holy Quran. In face, there is a chapter in the Majestic Quran named Maryam (Mary) رحمتہ اللہ عنھا that speaks about the Honorable Lady Mary رحمتہ اللہ عنھا … Read More

What is Jihad? - What do you know about Islam and terrorism

What is Jihad?

While Islam is generally misunderstood in the west, perhaps no other Islamic term suggests such strong reaction as ‘Jihad’. The Arabic word ‘Jihad’ which is mostly always mistranslated as ‘holy war,’ simply means ‘to struggle’ or ‘to exert one’s utmost … Read More

Death in Islam | Information about the death in Islam


Death and the grave Death is when the soul comes out of the body. Everyone has to die. Nothing can save one from death. The time of death is fixed for everyone. Nothing can delay it. When a person’s life is ending the Angel … Read More

Holy Quran | Faith in the holy books of Almighty Allah عزوجل

Faith in the books of Almighty Allah عزوجل

Holy Quran and all the heavenly books are true and whatever Almighty Allah عزوجل has said through them, is to be believed in. However, due to distortion, their originality has been brought into question. The preservation of these Holy Scriptures was … Read More