Companion in Paradise

Once Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام asked Allah عز وجل, ‘O the Most Forgiving One! Show me my companion in Paradise.’ Allah عز وجل said, ‘Go to so-and-so town. Over there, you will find so-and-so butcher; he will be your companion in Paradise.’ Therefore, Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام went to the butcher. He invited him (despite not knowing him; deeming him as a traveler and guest). When they both sat down to eat, he put a very big basket next to him. He would eat one morsel himself and put two inside the basket. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door. The butcher got up and went outside. Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام looked in the basket and found an aged man and a woman inside. As soon as they looked at Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام, a smile glimmered on their face. They testified the Prophethood of Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام and passed away right at that moment.

When the butcher came back and looked at his dead parents inside the basket, he understood the whole matter and kissed the hands of Prophet Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام and said, ‘You seem to be Allah’s Prophet, Musa علیه السلام.’ Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام asked, ‘How did you recognize?’ He said, ‘My parents used to supplicate humbly everyday that: O Allah عز وجل! Grant us death whilst beholding (looking at) Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام. Upon their sudden death, I realized that you must be Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام.’ The butcher further said, ‘Whenever my mother would eat food, she would supplicate for me out of joy in the following manner: O Allah عز وجل! Make my child the companion of Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام in Paradise.’ Sayyiduna Musa علیه السلام said, ‘Congratulations! Allah عز وجل has make you my companion in Paradise.’ (Nuzha-tul-Majalis, Vol. 1, pp. 266)

May Allah عز وجل have mercy upon them and may he forgive us for their sake!

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The disobedient of parents is punished even in the worldly life

Dear Islamic brothers! Did you see the status of the acceptability of parents’ supplications for their children! If parents become angry and curse their children; even that is also accepted. Therefore, one should always keep his parents happy. Holy Prophet صلى الله علیہ وسلم said, ‘Parents are your Hell and your Paradise.’ At another place the Holy Prophet صلى الله علیہ وسلم said, ‘If Allah عز وجل wills He عز وجل can delay the punishment for every sin until the day of Judgement but He عز وجل punishes the one disobedient to his parents in this very world. (Al-Mustadrak, Vol. 5, pp. 216, Hadis 7345)

One became dumb for not replying to his mother

It is narrated that a man was called by his mother but he did not reply back. Because of this, his mother cursed him and he became dumb. (Bir-rul-Walidain Lit-Tartushi, pp. 79)

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