Faith in Angels

Angels are neither male nor female; neither eat nor drink; neither marry nor reproduce. They are made of light and hence they can change themselves into different forms. They also have the power to transmute themselves into any form but they never do any such thing knowingly or unknowingly against the command of Almighty Allah عزوجل.

Every Angel has a specific assignment to accomplish. Some Angels bring Wahi (Revelation) from Almighty Allah عزوجل, to His Prophets علیھم السلام. And some of them are responsible for the rain while others are responsible for supplying provision to worldly creatures. Some Angels علیھم السلام shape the face of the fetus in the womb of the mother, while some take care of the changes in human bodies.

And Some Angels علیھم السلام are responsible for providing protection to living beings from their enemies and lurking dangers. Some Angels علیھم السلام move about to attend the functions and meetings held in remembrance of Almighty Allah عزوجل, and His Prophets علیھم السلام.

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Salutations and Greetings of Muslims

Some Angels carry forward the salutations and greetings of Muslims to Prophet Muhammad صلی الله علیہ وسلم while some have been assigned the job of blowing the decisive Soor (Clarion) just before the Day of Judgment.

Sayyiduna Jibrail علیھم السلام is the Archangel. His title is ‘Rooh-ul-Ameen.’ He visited the Holy Prophet  صلی الله علیہ وسلم twenty four thousand times, Nabi Adam علیھم السلام twelve times, Nabi Idris علیھم السلام four times, Nabi Nooh علیھم السلام fifty times, Nabi Ibrahim علیھم السلام forty two times, Nabi Musa علیھم السلام four hundred times and Nabi Isa علیھم السلام ten times.

The other prominent Angels are Sayyiduna Mika-eel, Sayyiduna Israfil and Sayyiduna Izra’eel علیھم السلام. Sayyiduna Izra’eel علیھم السلام is the Angel of death. Then there are the Angels who are carrying the ‘Arsh (Throne) and the Kursi (Chair). The Angels prossess no conscience or reason of their own. They are created simply to obey Allah عزوجل, the All-Powerful. They never ask questions like why, how and what without the permission of Allah عزوجل, They are totally dedicated to the Will of Allah عزوجل, the Supreme Creator.

Two Angels They recording account of Man’s

Two Angels are always accompanying man on both the shoulders called ‘Kiraman Katibin’, they are the Scribes. They record the daily account of man’s good and bad deeds. The other two famous Angels are ‘Munkar-Nakir’. After burial, these Angels call on the dead and ask three questions pertaining to faith:

  1. Who is your Rabb (Lord)?
  2. What is your religion?
  3. What you used to say about him (referring to the Holy Prophet Muhammad  صلی الله علیہ وسلم)?

The other super-natural creatures are called Jinns (Genies). They are created from fire. Some of them have the power to adapt to any shape they wish. They have very lengthy lives although some of their dimensions, like intelligence and spirits are just like human beings. They eat, drink and procreate and die like humans. There are Muslims as well as non-Muslims amongst the Jinns and to treat all of them metaphorically as evil doers is strictly forbidden.

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