The Questions and Answers in the Grave

The Questions and Answers in the Grave

Imagine the day when our dead body body will be buried into our grave and the people will walk away. These beautiful green crops and fields, the shiny new cars, your beautiful green crops and fields, the shiny new cars, your beautiful houses etc will not accompany and benefit us in our grave. Two frightening angels called ‘Munkar’ and ‘Nakeer’ will rip the walls of the grave and come to us. They will have long black hair from head to toe. Fire will be coming out of their eyes. Now the test will begin. Instead of talking to us nicely, they will make us sit up in our grave and ask us the following three questions in a scary and threatening tone


  1. Who is your Tab (Creator) عزوجل?
  2. What is your religion?
  3. An extremely beautiful face will be shown and the third question will be asked, (What did use to say about this person?)

Oh you who pray Salah! Oh you who keep a fist full beard! Oh you who grow your hair according to Sunnah! Oh you who wear the turban! In’shaa-Allah عزوجل you will definitely be successful. With the grace and generosity of Allah and His beloved صلی الله علیہ وسلم , you will reply,

  1. My Rab is Allah عزوجل.
  2. My religion is Islam.
  3. Whilst pointing to the beautiful face, you will say (He is the beloved Prophet of Allah صلی الله علیہ وسلم ).

After you answer the last question, the window of Hell will open and shut immediately. Then, the window of Heaven will open and you will be told, “If you had not given the correct answers, the window of Hell would have been opened for you.” After hearing this, the person will be extremely happy. He will have a Heavenly shroud, a Heavenly bed and the grave itself will be extremely large and the person will enjoy in his grave.

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