What is the concept of heaven in Islam?

Apart from this world, Almighty Allah has created two other great places, Place of blessing which is heaven, and place of torment which is hell. In heaven, Allah has bestowed upon His faithful servants all kinds of blessings which cannot be imagine. No eye has seen such blessings, no ear has heard them, nobody has thought of them. Their description cannot be fully describe. May Allah grant us then their value will be known there.

How big is heaven?

The description of the vastness of Paradise is that there are a hundred floors in it. The distance from each floor to the other floor is as much as the distance between the heavens and the earth. The gates are so wide that from one arm to the other is a distance of seventy years of horse’s path. In heaven are large tents of clear, transparent, shiny white pearls.

They have colorful, strange, exquisite floors with red ruby pulpits on them. There are streams of honey and wine flowing, and on their banks, there are jewels. There are slaves and servants who are ready to serve at all times. Good character, beautiful maidens whose radiance of beauty if manifest in the world then the light of the sun will be dim against it. They look like as if they are made of ruby and coral. As they walk proudly, thousands of servants carry edge of their cloth.

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The glitter of their silk dresses amazes the viewer. The crown of pearls and corals is on their beautiful head. Their complexion, their lovely charm, their radiant and fragrant bodies and their jewels are delight to the people of Paradise before whom no human has ever touched these maidens. This beauty is not in danger like the beauty of the world that the color of youth fades away in old age. There is neither old age nor any decline or loss.

Palaces of rubies have been built in the midst of the gardens of Paradise Servants shining like pearls are wandering around them and the people of Paradise, along with a cup of heavenly bliss.

Gifts from God

All kinds of gifts and presents come from the Lord from time to time. Eternal life and never-ending comforts are granted. Every wish is fulfill immediately. Whatever comes to mind is immediately present. There is no fear or grief. Every hour is in bliss. People of paradise eats delicate and delicious foods and fruits. They drink milk, wine, honey, etc. from the heavenly canals. The land of these canals is of silver, stones of gems, sand of pure musk, greenery of saffron. They fill cups from these canals and offer drinks.

A preacher will call out to the people of Paradise, O people of Paradise! Health is for you, you will never get sick. You have life, you will never die. You are young, you will not grow old. There are blessings for you, you will never be in need. Above all blessings, the most beloved wealth is the sight of Allah Almighty, from which the eyes of the people of Paradise will continue to be deaf. May Allah make it available to us too. Aاmen.

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