What does Islam say about Hell?

The people will be in the agony of terror on the Day of Judgement when suddenly darkness and blazing fire will surround them and the sound of his wrath will be heard. At that time sinners will be punished and people will fall down on their knees and the angels will cry out: Where is the son of such and such person who wasted his life in immorality with false and high hopes in the world.

Now these angels will drive them with iron rods [1]An iron arm which is thick from top and thin from bottom and take them to Hell. It is a place that is made for the torment of the oppressors and the rebellious. It is pitch dark and fire in there. The disbelievers will be kept in there forever and the fire will increase gradually.

They will get hot water to drink and it will be too hot that it will burst the mouth and the upper lip will shrink to half the head and the lower lip will burst. Their abode is Hell, the angels will beat them.

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Wish of Die

They will wish to die but there will be no way for them to be released, their feet will be tied together with their foreheads, their faces will be blackened with the ink of their sins. They will make noise and cry in the sides of Hell and will shout: O Malik! The promise of torment has been fulfilled on us. O Malik![2]The name of the keeper of hell The load of iron crushed us.

O Malik (peace be upon him)! The skins of our bodies have been burnt. O Malik (peace be upon him)! Get us out of Hell. We will not disobey again. The angels will say, “Go away! There is no peace now, and there will be no escape from this house of humiliation. Be humiliated in it and do not talk to us.”

Breaking hopes

At that time their hopes will be dashed and they will regret what they have done in the world, but at that time regret and remorse will be of no use rather, they will be handcuffed and thrown into the fire. There will be fire above and below, on the right and left, they will be drowned in the sea of fire, their food and drink will be fire, clothing and bed will be fire. They will be beaten by iron rods and will be burdened with heavy shackles.

The fire will boil them as the pots are boiled, they will make noise, boiling water will be poured over their heads which will melt their intestines and skins. They will be struck by iron rods which will crush their foreheads, pus will be released from the mouths, the liver will be quenched by thirst, the eyes will flow on the cheeks, the flesh of the cheeks will fall, the hair and skin of the feet will fall but they will not die.

Their faces will be burnt to black coals, their eyes will be blind and the tongues will be dumb, the backs will be crooked, nose and ears will be cut off, skin will be torn to pieces, hands will be tied to neck and feet will be tied to forehead. They will walk on fire and iron thorns. The flame of the fire will be embedded inside the body and the snakes and scorpions of hell will be wrapped around the body and will bite them.

Seventy thousand valleys in Hell

All these troubles of Hell are mentioned briefly. According to the hadith, there are seventy thousand valleys in Hell, seventy thousand ravines in each valley, seventy thousand snakes and seventy thousand scorpions in each ravine. Every disbeliever and hypocrite must reach these ravines.

The Holy Prophet ﷺ said: Seek refuge from جُبِّ حُزن. The Companions (may God bless him and grant him peace) asked, “What is جُبِّ حُزن?” He said, “There is a valley in Hell from which Hell seeks refuge seventy thousand times a day.” May Allah protect us from His torment and forgive us and all Muslims. Ameen.

Death of death

When all the people of Paradise will reach Paradise and only those who have to live there forever will be left in Hell, at that time death will be brought in the form of a sheep between heaven and hell, will be shown to the people of heaven and hell and will be slaughtered and it will be said: O people of heaven! Heaven and its blessings for you forever and ever, O people of Hell! There is always torment for you. Death has been slaughtered. Now there is eternal life, no destruction. At that time there will be no end to the happiness of the people of Paradise, as well as the sorrow and grief of the people of Hell.

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1An iron arm which is thick from top and thin from bottom
2The name of the keeper of hell