Introduction of Sunnism

As seen in every religion there are a variety of sects, the same can be seen as a case in Islam. In all sects, the true jamaat is Ahl-e-Sunnah. Ahl-e-Sunnah is the largest group in Islam. About 80% of the world’s Muslim population belongs to it. A person belonging to this group is called a Sunni. And in English, this jamaat is called “Sunnism”.

Hadiths have been narrated on the authority of this jamaat. And his identity is also mentioned in the hadiths. All the sects that have been formed have left Sunnism due to their erroneous ideas and beliefs. And so, divisions spread in Islam. All the saints who have passed away were from Sunnism and Jamaat. In other sects, you will not find any Wali Allah. This is also great proof of the legitimacy of Sunnism.

This is the jamaat that is more polite than all other sects. And she respects the religious leaders. In all the other sects, you will find fault somewhere in some way or another. Either they will be arrogant about the Companions or they will not respect the Holy Prophet ﷺ or their basic beliefs will be corrupted.

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Obviously, where there are differences of opinion or belief, there is often stickiness and controversy. As we often see in political parties. The same thing happened with Sunnism and different religions and separatists have tried to harm it in one way or another in every era. And such things were attributed to him which is the conduct of the ignorant of the nation.

Secularism and Liberalism

In this way, they had the opportunity to mislead the nation by covering up their false beliefs and ideologies. People far from religion and deprived of knowledge became the pawns of this trick. Due to lack of knowledge of their own beliefs, people joined various misguided sects. On the other hand, liberalism and secularism also took advantage of this opportunity. Their work became even easier due to the differences among the people due to ignorance. And even today we are the victims of their propaganda.

These are the sects which in their stubbornness have accepted error. The following are some examples. Wahhabism, Deobandism, Shi’ism, Ahmadis, etc.

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