Oceanic Dome (Rights of Parents)

Allah عز وجل sent a revelation upon Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام ordering him to visit the bank of the ocean in order to witness the manifestation of His power. Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام went there with his companions but did not see anything notable. Therefore, he علیه السلام ordered a jinn to dive into the ocean and reveal the secrets of the deep. After coming out of the jinn said ‘I could not reach the depths of the ocean and neither did I see anything [noticeable].’ He علیه السلام ordered another more powerful jinn who dived twice as deep as the first jinn; but, he too, could not bring any information. Then he علیه السلام ordered his wise minister Shaykh Asif bin Barkhiya رحمتہ اللہ علیہ. Very shortly, Asif bin Barkhiya رحمتہ اللہ علیہ brought a grand camphoric, four door, white coloured, dome in the blessed court of Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام. One door was made up of pearls, the second of rubies (Yaqut), the third of diamonds and the fourth was made up of emeralds (Zamarrud). There was not even a single drop of water inside the dome despite all four doors being open. Inside the oceanic dome, there was a very handsome young man, dressed up in neat and clean clothes, engaged in offering Salah.

When he completed his Salah, Sulayman علیه السلام said Salam to him and enquired about the secrets of that oceanic dome. He said: O Prophet of Allah عز وجل! My father was handicapped and my mother was blind. الحمد ﷲ عز وجل, I served them for seventy years. Before my mother passed way, she supplicated, ‘O Allah عز وجل! Grant my son a long righteous life.’ Before my father passed away, he supplicated, ‘O Allah عز وجل! Give my child the ability to worship in such a place where Satan can’t interfere.’

I saw this oceanic dome when I came to the bank of this ocean after the burial of my beloved father and I entered it. Meanwhile, an Angel came and took this dome into the depths of the ocean. Upon the inquiry of Sayyiduna Sulayman علیه السلام, he said, ‘I came over here in the blessed time of Sayyiduna Ibrahim علیه السلام.’ Sayyiduna Sulaymin علیه السلام realized that it had been two thousand years since he had been in the oceanic dome and was still young. Not a single hair of his had turned white.

In regards to his food he said, ‘Everyday, a green bird brings something yellowish in its beak. I eat it. It contains the taste of all of the bounties of the world. It satiates my hunger and thirst. In addition, الحمد ﷲ عز وجل, I remain safe from heat, cold, sleep, laziness, drowsiness, loneliness, fear and horrors.’

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Then, upon the request of that young man and order of Sayyiduna Sulaymin علیه السلام, Shaykh Asif bin Barkhiya رحمتہ اللہ علیہ picked that oceanic dome up and took it back to the depths of the ocean.

After this, Sayyiduna Sulaymin علیه السلام said, ‘O people! May Allah عز وجل shower His mercy upon you. Did you notice to what extent the supplications of parents are accepted! Refrain from disobeying your parents.’ (Raud-ur-Raiyahin, pp. 233)

May the mercy of Allah عز وجل be showered upon them and we be forgiven for their sake!

Dears Islamic brothers! We come to know that serving parents is a great honour. If they become pleased [with us] and supplicate for us, we become successful.

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