Rights of common Muslims

It should be note that apart from relatives, every Muslim has certain rights over other Muslims as a Muslim. It is necessary for every Muslim to pay them. Here are some of these rights:

  1. At the time of meeting, every Muslim should greet his Muslim brother and man should shake hands with man and woman should shake hands with woman, this is a very good deed. But keep in mind that if you see infidels, polytheists and apostates, as well as those who gamble and drink alcohol and engage in such sins, you should never greet them. Because to greet someone is to respect him and it is in the hadith that When a Muslim respects a sinner, the Throne trembles with divine wrath.[1]الکامل فی ضعفاء الرجال،سابق بن عبداللہ الرقی،ج۴،ص۵۴۹
  2. Answer the greetings of the Muslims. Remember that salutation is Sunnah and it is obligatory to respond to salutation.
  3. If a Muslim sneezes and says “الحمدﷲ”, he should answer it by saying “یرحمک اﷲ”
  4. If a Muslim falls ill, he should inquire about his illness.
  5. To the best of his ability, he should bless and help every Muslim.
  6. Participate in the funeral prayers and burial of Muslims.
  7. Every Muslim should be honor as a Muslim.
  8. If a Muslim gives an invitation, he should accept his invitation.
  9. He should cover the faults of the Muslim and advise with sincerity to them to refrain from these faults.
  10. If a Muslim is offend by something from another Muslim, he should not stop greeting him for more than three days.
  11. If there is a quarrel among the Muslims, let them reconcile.
  12. Do not harm or humiliate any Muslim.
  13. Keep ordering Muslims to do good things and forbid them from doing bad things.
  14. He should accept the gift of every Muslim and also give something to him as a gift.
  15. Respect the elders and show mercy and compassion to the younger ones.
  16. Accept the legitimate recommendations of the Muslims.
  17. Whatever he likes for himself, he should like for every Muslim.
  18. Do not pick up a Muslim and sit in his place in mosques or gatherings.
  19. Show the path to those who have forgotten the way.
  20. He should not humiliate any Muslim in front of the people.
  21. He should not gossip about any Muslim. Don’t slander him.
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1الکامل فی ضعفاء الرجال،سابق بن عبداللہ الرقی،ج۴،ص۵۴۹