Sic Rulings for those who cannot retain their Wudu

Sic Rulings for those who cannot retain their Wudu

  1. Wudu is nullified by the passing of urine (even a drop), breaking wind, seepage from injury, flowing of tears from an ailing eye, flowing of water from the navel, ears, or breasts, the passing of fluid from a pimple and diarrhea. If someone is suffering continuously from any of these ailments and he could not be able to offer Salah with Wudu during complete span from starting to ending of a Salah timing, he is a Shari Mazur (lawfully exempted). He may offer as many Salah as he likes with one Wudu during that span; his Wudu will not become invalid by that ailment. (Bahar-e-Shariat, pp. 385, vol. 1, Dar-re-Mukhtar, Rad-dul-Muhtar, pp. 553, vol. 1)
  2. The Wudu of a Mazur becomes invalid as soon as the time of Fard Salah ends. This ruling is applied when cause of exemption is found during Wudu or after Wudu. If this is not so and there is no other cause nullifying Wudu, then Wudu will not become invalid even after elapsing of time. (Bahar-e-Shariat, pp. 386, vol. 1, Dur-re-Mukhtar, Rad-dul-Muhtar, pp. 555, vol. 1) After elapsing of time of a Fard Salah, Wudu of Mazur becomes invalid. For example, if someone does Wudu for Asr it will become invalid as soon as the sun sets and Wudu done after sunrise would become invalid as soon as the time of Zuhar Salah ends as till then, time of any Fard Salah had not elapsed.
  3. Once ‘Uzr has been established, that will remain valid as long as the cause is found at least once in the total span of the Salah. For instance, if someone experiences a constant discharge of urine droplets in full span and he does not get opportunity to make Wudu and offer Fard Salah, he is a Mazur. Now in second span, he gets the opportunity to make Wudu and offer prayer but still droplet leaks once or more in this second span, he is still Mazur. However, if a Salah span pasts such that not a single droplet leaks, he would not remain Mazur. Whenever that previous condition repeats i.e. ailment persisted within the whole span, he will again become Shari Mazur. (Bahar-e-Shariat, pp. 385, vol. 1)
  4. Although the Wudu of a Mazur person is not nullified by the reason which has made him Mazur, yet if any other Wudu-nullifying cause exists, Wudu would become invalid. For instance, someone with the ‘Uzr of breaking wind will lose his Wudu due to passing of urine droplet. If ‘Uzr is due to urine droplets, Wudu will be lost on breaking of wind. (ibid, pp. 586)
  5. If a Mazur performs Wudu due to Hadas (any act that nullifies Wudu) and during Wudu the reason of his ‘Uzr is not existing but after Wudu that reason was found, Wudu will be lost (this ruling will apply when Mazur performs Wudu due to reason other than causing him Mazur. If he is performing Wudu due to his ‘Uzr, the Wudu will not be lost if that ‘Uzr occurs after Wudu). For instance, someone was Mazur due to loss of control on urine. He faced breaking of wind and thus performed Wudu. During Wudu urine stopped but after Wudu, some urine drops trickled away, Wudu will be lost. However if this trickling takes place during Wudu, the Wudu will remain valid. (Bahar-e-Shariat, pp. 387, vol. 1, Dur-re-Mukhtar, Rad-dul-Muhtar, pp. 557, vol. 1)
  6. If the ‘Uzr is such that it causes impurity of his clothes, then in case the stain caused impurity of cloth area larger than the area of a dirham (an old currency used symbolically for sizing) and he has opportunity to offer Salah after purifying the clothes, then it is Fard for him to first purify the clothes and then say Salah. And if he knows that while offering Salah, the clothes will become impure to same extent, then purification is not binding and he may offer prayers with same clothes. Even if his prayer mat becomes impure, his Salah will be valid. (Bahar-e-Shariat, pp. 387, vol. 1) (For detailed rulings regarding the Wudu of a Mazur refer to Bahar-e-Shariat, Part 2)

Seven Miscellaneous Rulings

  1. The passing of urine, stool, Wadi, Mazi, semen, worm or pebble from front or rear excretory organs of a man or woman will nullify Wudu. (Fatawa-e-‘Alamgiri, pp. 9, vol. 1)
  2. The passing of even a minor amount of air from the rear will nullify Wudu. The passing of air from the front of a man or woman will not nullify Wudu. (ibid) (Bahar-e-Shariat, pp. 304, vol. 1)
  3. Unconsciousness nullifies Wudu. (Fatawa-e-‘Alamgiri, pp. 12, vol. 1)
  4. Some people say that pronouncing the name of pig nullifies Wudu. This is false.
  5. If one’s Wudu breaks due to some reason (e.g. breaking of wind) whilst he is performing it, he has to re-start Wudu, the organs washed earlier will be considered unwashed. (Fatawa Radawiyyah (Jadid), pp. 255, vol. 1)
  6. To touch the Holy Quran, or any Quranic verse or its translation In any language without Wudu is Haram. (Bahar-e-Shariat, pp. 326, 327 etc, vol. 1)
  7. There is no harm in reciting the Quran seeing its script without touching it or by heart without Wudu.

Ya Rab عزوجل of Mustafa  bestow us with the ability to perform Shari Wudu without wastage and to remain in a state of Wudu at all times. Amen

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