What is heaven in Islam

What is heaven in Islam?

Heaven in Islam, also known as Jannah, is the ultimate destination for every Muslim. It is a place of eternal peace and happiness, where believers are rewarded for their good deeds and piety during their earthly lives. In this article, …

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Heaven in Islam

What is the concept of heaven in Islam?

Apart from this world, Almighty Allah has created two other great places, Place of blessing which is heaven, and place of torment which is hell. In heaven, Allah has bestowed upon His faithful servants all kinds of blessings which cannot …

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The Heavenly Feast

The disciples of Sayyiduna ‘Isa علیہ السلام  said, ‘O ‘Isa Bin Maryam! Is your Rab capable of descending a feast for us from the sky?’ Sayyiduna ‘Isa علیہ السلام  warned them that if they are believers, then they should fear …

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