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Rights of Wife in Islam

Rights of Wife

Just as the Almighty Allah has made some rights of husband obligatory on wife, so has He made some rights of wife obligatory on husband which men are oblige to pay. So, it is in the Quran. And they (women) … Read More

Rights of ways and footpath

Rights of ways and footpath

It is narrated in Bukhari that the Holy Prophet ﷺ told his Companions to refrain from sitting on the roads. So, the Companions ﷺ said: O Messenger of Allah ﷺ! We have no choice but to sit on the streets … Read More

Human Rights

What are Human Rights?

There are some rights that every human being has over other people, whether he is a Muslim or a non Muslim, a good doer or a vicious person. Right to have justice, equality, safety, security and human dignity are consider … Read More