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DUA: A Communication between you and you lord

In this world if you have to communicate with someone you need to learn the language of that person. An English speaker cannot understand Italian and a Spanish cannot understand Bengal – How limited a human is in his understanding! … Read More


Blessings of Jumuah

Excellence of Reciting Durud Sharif on Friday The Prophet of Rahmah, the Intercessor of Ummah ﷺ said, ‘The one who recites Durud Sharif 200 times upon me on Friday, his 200 years’ sins will be forgiven.’ (Kanz-ul-‘Ummah, pp. 256, vol. … Read More

sunan of Salah

Approximately Ninety-Six (96) Sunan of Salah

Sunan of Takbir-e-Tahrimah Raising hands for Takbir-e-Tahrimah Keeping fingers in their normal condition i.e. neither keep them too close not produce tension in them. The inside part of palms as well as that of fingers should face the Qiblah. Not … Read More

Faraid of Salah

Faraid of Salah

Seven Faraid of Salah There are seven Faraid in Salah. Takbir-e-Tahrimah Qiyam Qira-at Ruku Sujud Qa’dah-e-Akhirah Khuruj-e-Bisun’ihi. (Dur-re-Mukhtar, pp. 158-170, vol. 2) (Bahar-e-Shari’at, pp. 507, vol. 1) 1.Takbir-e-Tahrimah In fact, Takbir-e-Tahrimah (also called Takbir-e-Aula) is one of the pre-conditions for … Read More

Six Pre-Conditions of Salah

Six Pre-Conditions of Salah

1.Taharat (Purity) The body, clothes and place of Salah must be pure from all types of impurities. (Sharh-ul-Wiqayah, pp. 156, vol. 1) 2.Sitr-e-‘Awrat (Veiling) Men’s body from navel to the knees (including knees) must be covered whereas women’s whole body … Read More


How to Perform Salah?

How to Perform Salah? Excellence of Durud Sharif The Prophet of mankind, the peace of our heart and mind, the most generous and kind ﷺ said to the one glorifying Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ and reciting Durud Sharif having offered Salah, ‘Present … Read More