Within the Muslim Community today, it has become a fashionable past-time to speak about unity and harmony. To merely speak of unity and to practically establish unity are two different things. The basis of unity, in the Muslim Community, lies on IMAN (Belief) and AQEEDAH (The Fundamental Articles of Faith). Any other attempt to unite Muslims on other grounds would most definitely result in failure.
Whilst various religious groups and bodies engage themselves in producing new magical formulae to bring about unity and harmony in the community, the degree of discord and disunity increases in leaps and bounds! The truth is that the spirit of unity has to emanate from the innermost sanctum of the heart. When such a spirit of unity envelopes Iman, Aqeedah and purpose, then a sincere yearning for Amal(Action) is produced which leads to the establishment of unity on a very solid and unshakeable foundation.
But, where sincerity is replaced with selfish motives; truth with hypocrisy; the yearning to follow Allah’s Command replaced with the yearning to acquire leadership and fame; the spirit of gaining Allah’s Pleasure replaced with the spirit of acquiring and accumulating wealth; the real unity, the true love and harmony would only be within the realm of our dreams and could never become a reality. The history of the Prophet of Islam (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and his illustrious Companions (radi Allahu anhumul ajma’in) is filled with the examples of the successful unification of Muslims based on selflessness and striving to gain Allah’s Pleasure.
Today’s modern proponents of unity, harbor ulterior motives whereby Islamic principles are sacrificed and Iman is compromised to please others for the sake of personal gain.
In place of Iman and Aqeedah, monetary gains and common ulterior motives are used as the basis of getting together Muslims. This hypocritical type of unity is and will always be unstable, unfruitful and create discord amongst the Muslims.

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