What are the real causes behind Coronavirus? Revelations

The coronavirus was discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan. A city of Hubei Province, China and now it has prevailed across the globe. This coronavirus can also be Allah’s torment. We have to reflect on our shortcomings and should be ashamed of our wrongdoings. Make our life purposeful and lead it in such a way that no moment passes without obedience to Allah.

Shortly before today, if you ask your elders, you will get to know that before, when such an epidemic, calamity, misfortune or earthquake, etc. Happens people used to turn to mosques to beseech Allah and pray for his mercy. They used to recite the Holy Quran and atoned for their sins but on the contrary. Today, unfortunately, we turn to social media and news channels. Instead of repenting, we feel safe at our homes and continue to defiance Allah’s order as usual.

Remember, he does not give respite when He grips and His grip is extremely painful. He does not oppress anyone unjustly. These are the retribution for our own sins. Due to sins, people suffer from thousands of troubles, and these sufferings are because Allah will let them taste some of the evil deeds in this world before the end times, so that people may turn away from disbelief and sins and repent.

We are cursed by our wrongdoings

Guess what problems we face because of our wrongdoings. For example, due to obscenity and immorality, plague and such diseases have emerged which were never seen before. Lack of weight and dishonesty leads to famine and calamities and wrongdoers are appointed. Due to the non-payment of Zakat, the rain stops. If there were no cattle on the Earth, not a single drop of water would fall from the sky.

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Due to the breaking of the covenant of Allah and His Messenger, the enemy becomes powerful. Due to the forcible seizure of people’s property and the failure of the rulers to make decisions according to the Book of Allah, there was a massacre among the people and due to interest faces are disfigured.

Our current situation

Considering the summary of the verses and hadiths, if we consider the current situation that immorality is common nowadays, reduction of weights and measures, forcible seizure of people’s property, non-payment of Zakat, gambling, and usury, etc. What is the sin that is not common among us and is probably the result of these actions that people today are suffering from AIDS, cancer, coronavirus, and other deadly diseases, oppressive rulers are imposed on them, the rain stops.

Enemies are being imposed on us, the carnage has become common among us, we are trapped in the troubles of earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, we are crying out for trade losses and hopelessness in everything. So, we need to repent from our sins and pray to Allah as much as possible. We have covered the details of Dua, Orad, and its precautions in our second post.

Remember that the afflictions and calamities that befall the believers in this world are often due to their sins. Allah Almighty expiates these afflictions for their sins and sometimes the affliction of the believer is for the elevation of their rank. Our Most Gracious Lord forgives many things.

An Important Message About Coronavirus

An important point has been mentioned in the Holy Hadith

اِذَا اَصابَ النَّاسَ مَوْتٌ وَ اَنْتَ فِیْھِمْ فَاثْبُتْ

When the plague comes upon the people and you are among them, be if any disease like plague spreads wherever you are, do not run away from it so that the dead there will not be left without a shroud and the sick will not be left helpless.

” لَا تُلْقُوْا بِاَیْدِیْكُمْ اِلَى التَّهْلُكَةِ“۔

Do not put yourself to death with your own hands.

May God have mercy on us and may Allah protect us from all kinds of sins and their causes, and grant us the ability to rectify our deteriorating condition. Ameen

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