When the girl spit in the well…!!

Hazrat Sayyidnah Shaykh Muhammad ibn Sulaiman al-Jazuli (May Allah have mercy on him) said: I was on a journey, it was time to pray at a place, there was a well, but there was no Bucket and a rope. I was worried that a girl peeked over a house and asked: What are you looking for? I said: Daughter! rope and bucket. She asked: Your name? I said: Muhammad ibn Sulaiman al-Jazuli.

The girl said with astonishment: Well you are the one whose fame is ringing, but the fact is that water can not get out of the well! Saying that she spit in the well, got amazing! The water finally came up. After doing wudu ‘I said to the girl: Daughter! Tell me the truth, how did you achieve this feat? She said: “I often read the greetings, and with his blessing it has been done.” I say: I was pledged to be blessed with this “girl”. (Then he wrote Darud Sharif’s book “Dalail-ul-Khairat”).( Sa’ad-ud-din Aryan)

May Allah have mercy on them and their charity is our undeserved forgiveness. Amen

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