Why can’t we see God

Everything is described in Islam and the Qur’an is also testifying to this but there is also something that has been kept secret from the common people, such as the time of resurrection. In the same way, the vision of God is hidden from us which we cannot see while living in the world but we have to believe. He guides us without being seen. God has conveyed His instructions and commands to us through His close servants.

The vision of the God

God (Allah Almighty) has prepared Paradise and His blessings for those who believe in Him, and Hell as a punishment for nonbelievers. He has sent Prophets from time to time. From the beginning of this worldly system, He used to send His Prophets and this series ended on the Holy Prophet ﷺ. During this time, He also sent four books and some scriptures for our guidance. These include the Torah, the Zabur, the Injil and the Quran.

The Holy Qur’an is superior to all other books and the Holy Prophet ﷺ is superior to all other prophets. He is the only person who has seen god (Almighty Allah) with his awake eyes while living in the world. Apart from Him, no human being has seen or will see until the Day of Resurrection. It is not possible to see Him in this world. Believers will see Him in heaven.

How can one be sure of His existence without seeing Him?

Now, how can one be sure of His existence? So, the answer is that this creation of the universe and everything in the world reflects on His existence, and the Qur’an also says to think a lot. The best example to understand this is the debate in which Imam Azam Abu Hanifa (may Allah have mercy on him) decided the time, place, etc. of the debate with an atheist and when the time came, he did not arrive on time. When it was too late and everyone started to leave, he arrived. The atheist objected that you are not punctual despite being such a great imam of Muslims. So, he said that a strange incident happened to me on the way which made me late.

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It so happened that when I reached the river bank to get here, the boat was not there. I waited for a while and saw that the tree near me suddenly fell down and cut its planks by itself and began to connect with each other. As soon as I saw it, the boat was ready and floated onto the water. I sat on it and crossed the river and came here.

Upon hearing this, the atheist said, “How is it possible that a tree can be cut down automatically and become a boat?” So, Imam Sahib replied that when it is not possible for an ark to be made without a builder, how can this world be made without its creator?

If we think, it will be clear that this is exactly how the universe is inviting us to ponder over it and to know our God, and this event is a great lesson for a conscious being. May Almighty Allah help us to learn from this incident. Ameen

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