Wudu and Science

Embracing Islam by Virtue of Wudu

A person states that he offered Islam to a university student in Belgium. The student asked him scientific benefits of Wudu. He could not answer. He carried him to a religious scholar but he also had no knowledge about it. Another person possessing scientific information told him several benefits of Wudu but he also could not tell benefit of Mash (moistening) of neck. That student went back. After sometime he came and informed that his professor informed during the lecture, “If a few drops of water are sprinkled on neck and its surroundings, protection is obtained against the diseases of vertebral column and spinal cord.” Hearing that he said, “I grasped the blessing hidden in moistening of neck, hence I want to embrace Islam” and he become Muslim.

Seminar in Western Germany

The problem of despression is growing in the western countries, brain failures are being reported and more mental asylums are being established. Long queues of psychiatric patients may be seen before Psychiatrists. A Pakistani physiotherapist who holds a diploma from Western Germany states that a seminar on the topic “What cures other than medicines are possible for depression” was held in Western Germany. One of the doctors revealed an amazing descovery in his speech by saying, “I get washed the face of patients of depression five times per day and after few days their disease reduced. Then I get washed face, hands and feet of a similar group of patients five times a day and they healed up to a great extent.” The same doctor accepts in the end of his speech that the problem of depression is short in Muslims as they wash face, hands and feet (i.e. during Wudu) several times daily.

Wudu and Hish Blood Pressure

A heart specialist assures that if a patient of hypertension is asked to perform Wudu and then his blood pressure is checked, his B.P. will be definitely lower. A Muslim Psychiatrist states, “The best cure for psychiatric patients lies in Wudu.” The western experts get washed body parts of psychiatric patients several times like Wudu.

Wudu and Paralysis

Even the order of washing organs during Wudu is beneficial. Washing of hands in the first step motivates the nervous system of the body and then slowly effects transmit towards veins of face and brain. The order of washing hands, then mouth-wash, then nose-wash and then washing of remaining organs reduces probability of paralysis. If face washing and Mash are done first, the body may suffer several diseases.

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Benefits of Washing Hands

In Wudu, the hands are washed first. Let us see benefits of this act. Hands touch/hold a lot of things and different chemicals and germs get stuck with hands. If hands are not washed whole of the day, hands may suffer skin infections e.g. pimples on hand, skin itching, eczema, change in skin colour etc. When we wash hands, rays emitting from fingers produce field which trigger our internal electromagnetic system, a part of which approaches our hands and causes beautification of the hands.

Benefits of Rinsing the Mouth

First of all hands are washed in Wudu. Thus hands become clear from germs; otherwise these germs would have entered our mouth during mouth rinsing and would have reached stomach thereby causing several infections. A lot of hazardous germs accompanied with air and the constituents of food stuck in our mouth and on teeth via saliva. Hence rinsing of mouth and doing Miswak in Wudu clean the mouth throughly. If mouth is not cleaned, follwing diseases may break out.

  1. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) – one of its initial symptoms include the swelling of the mouth.
  2. Tearing of the periphery of mouth
  3. Moniliasis of the mouth and lips
  4. Rotting and blistering of mouth If the person is not in fasting, it in Sunnah to gargle the throat. One who gargles regularly will not suffer from tonsillitis and he will be saved from several types of throat infections including throat cancer.

Benefits of sniffing water into the Nose

The lungs need air, free from germs, smoke and dust, having about 80% humidity and a temperature slightly greater than 90°F. To provide this quality of air, Allah عزوجل has bestowed the bounty of nose. To humidify the air, nose produces about one-fourth gallon of moisture. Hairs inside the nose act as dust catchers. There is a microscopic scrubber that has invisible bristles. These is a microscopic scrubber that has invisible bristles. These bristles kill the germs coming with the air. In addition, these bristles also perform a protective feature called Lysozyme. With this, nose protects eyes from infection. الحمد ﷲ عزوجل, one who performs Wudu rinses his nose with water and thus this important organ (nose) get serviced. The electric properties of water fortify the ability of bristles and thus a virtue of Wudu. The rinsing of nose is very beneficial for the patients of persisting flu and having wounds in nose.

Benefits of Washing the Face

Nowadays pollution level of smoke etc. is increasing in atmosphere. Different chemicals, lead etc. keep on depositing on eyes and face. If face is not washed, face and eyes would suffer several diseases. An English doctor wrote a paper on the topic “Eye, Water and Health.” In that paper he said giving stress, “Keep washing your eyes several times daily; otherwise you would face dangerous diseases.” Washing of face prevents or minimize mars on face. The expert beauticians have consensus on the fact that all types of creams and lotions leave spots on face. To make face beautiful, it is necessary to wash it several times. Beychar, a senior member of ‘American Council for Beauty’, reveals, “Muslims do not need any chemical lotion as their face is protected against diseases due to being washed during Wudu.” The experts of environmental protection say, “To prevent face allergy, wash it frequently.” الحمد ﷲ عزوجل! This is only possible during Wudu. الحمد ﷲ عزوجل by washing face during Wudu, the face is massaged, the blood circulation improves towards the face, dirt is removed and its beauty becomes two fold.

Protection from Blindness

I bring to your attention towards such a disease in which the genuine secretions of the eyes reduce or finish completely and the patient eventually becomes blind. According to medical reports, if eyebrows are washed occasionally, this disease may be prevented. الحمد ﷲ عزوجل! One who performs Wudu and washes his face, his eyebrows are also washed. Those lucky Muslims who have adorned their faces with the beautiful beard should listen carefully what Professor George Ail states, “When one washes the face, the germs present in the beard wash away. The roots of the hair become stronger when water wets them. On fingering (by the blessing of acting on Sunnah of Khilal in the beard) in the beard the risk of lice reduces. In addition, presence of wetness in the beard saves from diseases related to muscles of neck, thyroid glands and throat.

Benefits of Washing the Arms

There are three major veins in the elbow that are directly related to the heart, liver and the brain. This organ usually remains covered. If water or air is not allowed to interact with elbows, several mental and neurological complications may arise. In Wudu, arms including elbows are washed and this act fortifies heart, liver and brain and ان شآء اﷲ عزوجل safety against these diseases is obtained. Moreover this washing links a person with the radiations stored in the chest and halo of radiations starts to flow and results in strengthening of the muscles of hands.

The Benefits of doing Mash (Moistening)

There is a major artery between head and the neck which links vertebral column, spinal cord cord and all body joints. When a person performs Mash of the neck during Wudu, the electric radiation emitting from hand enters the major artery and from there, transmits to all sections of neurological system via vertebral column and the neurological system is fortified.

Doctor of Insane People

Someone has stated, “I was doing my Wudu at a place in France; a person standing there was gazing at me. When I completed Wudu, he inquired me from where I belonged? I answered that I am a Muslim from Pakistan. He then asked me how many mental institutes are there in Pakistan. I was surprised to listen to this strange question; however I replied that there might be two to four such institutes. He asked me what I was doing few minutes back. I replied that I was performing Wudu. He asked whether I do so daily. I replied that I do so five times daily. He amazed and said that he was a surgeon in a mental hospital and his hobby was to investigate the causes of mental disorders. According to his research, signals transmit from brain to the whole body so that organs may work. The brain floats in a fluid all the time. That is why it is not shaken if one funs. Had it been rigidly placed, it would have been damaged. Some feeble nerves emerging from baring acting as conductors spread into body via neck. If hairs are lengthy and the back of neck is kept dry, dryness may occur in these conductors and human brain may go out of order resulting in a mental upset. Hence he thought that moistening the neck back might be a remedy. Just now he saw me moistening the neck back and said that you people may not suffer mental upset. ” In addition, moistening also prevents sun stroke and neck fever.

Benefits of Washing the Feet

Feet undergo dirtiness at most. Infection first starts from the gap between fingers of foot. Washing feet during Wudu removes away dirt and germs. Remaining germs are removed when Khilal between fingers is done. Washing feet in Wudu according to Sunnah removes diseases like sleep shortness, dryness of brain, heart sinking and depression.

The Remaining Water of Wudu

There is cure in drinking the water left from Wudu. Regarding this, a Muslim doctor stated,

  1. The  first effect of this drink is upon the bladder, restrictions in urinary track are cleared and urine comes smoothly.
  2. One is freed from unlawful lust of sex.
  3. It removes warmth of liver, stomach and bladder.”
    It is narrated, “If one performs Wudu using water by a lota or some pot and if some water is left over, it is Mustahab to drink that water while standing and facing towards the Qiblah.”
    (Tabyin-ul-Haqa-aiq, V1, P44, Dar-ul-Kutub-ul-‘Ilmiyyah, Beirut)

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Only for the Sake of Allah عزوجل

After hearing the medical benefits of Wudu, you would have been pleased but I must tell you that all the medical science is based upon uncertainties. Scientific research is never final and suffers changes with the passage of time. However the commandments of Allah عزوجل and of his Beloved Rashul صلی الله علیہ وسلم are final and these will never change. We should act upon the Sunnah only for the pleasure of Allah عزوجل and not for attaining medical benefits. Therefore performing Wudu to normalize blood pressure or for refreshment, having fast for dieting, travelling to Madina-e-Munawwarah for change of climate and to get rid of business fatigue, reading religious books for passing the time, how can above acts with such intentions provide Sawab? However if we act for the pleasure of Allah عزوجل, we will get Sawab as well as its worldly benefits. Hence we should perform Wudu just for the pleasure of Allah عزوجل keeping care of its apparent and internal conduct.

Wudu of inner being

Hujja-tul-Islam Hadrat-e-Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad Ghazali رضی الله عنہ says, “When you turn your attention towards Salah after completing your Wudu, think to yourself, ‘I have cleaned the parts of my body that people can see, but to offer Salah without purifying the heart which is looked upon by Allah عزوجل is shameful.’ The purity of the heart is obtained by repentance, abandoning bad habits and by adopting good morals. A person who neglects the inner purity and only pays attention to the outer purity is like a person who invites a king to his house for a feast, and in order to please the king he cleans, polishes, and colors the outside of his house but leaves the interior dirty and full of garbage. This person is not worthy of praise and reward, rather he deserves anger of the king.”
(Ihya-ul-‘Ulum, Vol-1, P160, Dar-ul-Kutub-ul-‘Ilmiyyah, Beirut)

Sunnah does not need Scientific Support

Remember! The Sunnah of Beloved Rasul صلی الله علیہ وسلم doesn’t need scientific support and our objective is to follow Sunnah and not the science. Let me say that when the European experts conclude something after deep research of several years, they actually confront smiling and sparkling Sunnah of The Holy Prophet صلی الله علیہ وسلم No matter how luxurious life one spends in excursions all over the world, but the true happiness will enter your heart only and only by remembrance of Allah عزوجل

The tranquility of heart is associated with intense love for The Holy Prophet صلی الله علیہ وسلم. The comforts here and hereafter depend upon practicing Sunnah and not on sitting before TV, VCR or Internet. If you are committed to avail comforts here and in hereafter, strictly adhere with Salah and Sunnah.

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