Holy Quran: A gift from Allah

If we count all the gifts and blessings of Allah Almighty upon the mankind, the greatest gift is the Holy Quran. Which is the comprehensive and a complete book. It is the only divine book in the world which claims to guide a man in all walks of his life.
As there is always a manual with every machine which tells the user that how to operate it Similar is the purpose of Holy Quran. It tells that how a muslim has to spend the life on the earth. Anyone who spends his life without consulting this manual will surely not be able to use the machine properly.
Holy Quran is not only the book of good deeds.
That is supposed to be read in Arabic and kissed ofently. It is the book which should word as a guide book for a muslim. whenever and wherever he gets stuck in his life, he should refer to Quran to sort out his problem.
One of the miracles of Quran is that It has a power in it. which provokes the intellect and has a moving force which melts the heart of its reader.
It is the unique book, authentic and pure. This is book which does not contain in it the commandments and Islamic history but also includes the knowledge of all disciplines. A person who is educated can understand Holy Quran better than a lay man. To fully understand and comprehend the wisdom of Quran, a person must have knowledge of all fields including history, philosophy, linguistics, biology, medicine, anthropology, etc.
As the title says that Quran is the gift from Allah. So a gift should be taken care of. “Care” does not mean keeping it carefully at some place like in our home or at other place but care actually means that It should be consulted. A Muslim should spend his time in understanding the wisdom contained in Holy Quran so that he makes his life easy to live with the mental satisfaction and achieve success in both the worlds.

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